Get Involved

The Center for City Renewal provides various opportunities for Christians in New York City to grow in inspiration and mobilize to reengage with the city according to their Christian ethic. Some of our activities include:


Gathering industry creatives, professionals and aspiring leaders from one channel of culture for learning, inspiration and prayer will play an important role in our efforts. These evening events will feature educational presentations by industry leaders and stories of renewal that encourage a restorative way of thinking.


We regularly convene innovators from specific industries to connect, learn, pray and partner together. White papers are produced that summarize best practices and “redemptive edge” opportunities where there is momentum for renewal.


A customized, two-day retreat for 12 high-influence leaders designed to assist them in discerning their vocational calling as well as identifying the specific cultural good they should be creating in their industry.


Bi-annually, the Center for City Renewal brings in world-class thought leaders, theologians, entrepreneurs and activists to educate Christians on the critical issues and realities of our day.


Based around cultural events in the city, the Center for City Renewal will sponsor debates on the larger questions of how to bring about human flourishing. From entertainment and media, to science and philosophy, these debates bring together authorities with opposing points of view to civilly discuss their perspectives that we might understand one another more deeply.


Throughout the year, the Center for City Renewal will provide service opportunities that advance the common good, enact justice and contribute to the peace and prosperity of the city. From helping in  recovery from natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy and serving in soup kitchens, to volunteering at industry-wide events and participating in the life and service of our city—we will organize and engage where the needs arise.