The Center for City Renewal exists to equip and empower Christian citizens to participate in God’s redemptive mission throughout New York City. Through theological formation, generative relationships, creative entrepreneurship, faithful cultivation, peaceable civility, pursuing justice, and stewarding privilege, participants will embody a gospel ethic in their work, culture and urban living.


Over many centuries, Christians have made historic contributions to the advancement of western culture. Continuing in this tradition, The Center for Center Renewal seeks to modernize this conversation and its implementation for 21st century urban dwellers.

In major cities—where unprecedented concentrations of talent, innovation and enterprise intersect—the church has a unique opportunity to convene, unite and distribute leaders with a common vision into every channel of culture. This leveraged role produces insight, clarity, and creativity only manufactured when overlapping networks collide in common vision. In this way, innovators bring a renewal emphasis into their vocation, having positive implications in every sphere of society. In time, the common good for an entire city’s inhabitants is advanced, regardless of their faith tradition.

Because of the “cultural mandate” given to humankind in Genesis 1:26-28, the church takes seriously its responsibility to make disciples that create and cultivate culture. As people come to faith in the work of Christ on the cross, they are invited into the mission of God in this world to renew all things—inaugurating a new world based on faith, hope, love, justice, peace and civility.

As the church exposes and equips people to the needs and opportunities for good to advance in the world, the church becomes a hive of generative ideas, relationships, redemptive projects, and ventures that serve society and contribute towards human flourishing.